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William Gosnell

Generation #1

William Gosnell b: 1660, Holborn, London, England; d: May 11, 1709, Anne Arundel Co., Maryland; son of  Peter and Margaret Mary (Sherly) Gosnell; m: Sarah Hills b: 1665, Anne Arundel Co., Maryland; dau of William and Elizabeth (Griniff) Hills

Elizabeth Gosnell

b: about 1690; m: Mr. Wilson

Hannah Gosnell

b: about 1692; m: Robert Cross

William Gosnell

b: about 1694; m: Elizabeth ?

Peter Maurice Gosnell

b: 1695, Anne Arundel Co., Maryland; d: April 17, 1789, Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland; m: Anne Hammond Shipley b: 1700, Anne Arundel Co., Maryland; d: 1787, Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland

Maurice (Morris) Gosnell

b: about 1698; m: Susannah Wright

Millennium File about William Gosnell

Name:  William Gosnell

Gender:  Male

Birth Date:  1665

Birth Place:  England

Death Date:  1710

Death Place:  Anne Arundel, Maryland, USA

Spouse:  Sarah Baker

Children:  Peter Gosnell

Spouse Father:  Maurice Baker

Spouse Mother:  Elizabeth

William Gosnell Added by rvplumlee57 on 30 Sep 2009

William was born about 1640 in England. He may very well be the William Gosnell who was transported from England to Virginia by Thomas Dodson who received a grant of 1200 acres in Northumberland Co., Va. in 1658 for the transport of 24 persons including one  William Gosnell.Our William was one of the nine servants who was transported to Maryland from Lower Norfolk County, VA in 1665 by Cornelius Howard.15 Dec. 1677 William "Gosling" proved his right to a 50 acre grant of land " for service performed in the Province" Probably in the Provincial Militia" The location of this land is not noted, but it probably located in Anne Arundel County and very possible it was  the land that his sons sold in 1724. William was probably not married prior to his marriage to Sarah Hills daughter of William Hills & Elizabeth Griniff in 1688. Sarah was step daughter to Maurice Baker

1, Elizabeth Gosnell, b.abt.1690, she married Mr. Willson

2. Hannah Gosnell b.abt. 1692, she married Robert Cross

3. William Gosnell, b.abt. 1694, he married Elizabeth _________.

4. Peter Gosnell, b.abt. 1696 , he married Anna__________.

5. Maurice (Morris ) Gosnell, b.abt. 1698, he married Susannah Wright