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Descendants of Lewis Walker Generation #1

Lewis Walker left his home country, Wales, in 1686, arriving in Pennsylvania in 1687 after “ a tedious passage of thirteen months,” it is said.

A mother and sisters were left behind him, but, though a desultory correspondence was kept up between them, they never saw each other

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Lewis Walker information

Daniel Walker

b: February 26, 1694, Chester Co., Pennsylvania; d: 1772, Tredyffrin, Chester Co., Pennsylvania; m: Lydia Barnard

Elizabeth Walker

b: June 7, 1696, Chester Co., Pennsylvania; m: James Hammer September 14, 1719, Tredyffrin, Chester Co., Pennsylvania

Joseph Walker

b: December 27, 1697, Chester Co., Pennsylvania, m: Elizabeth Abraham

Hannah Walker

b: September 15, 1699, Chester Co., Pennsylvania; m: Samuel Evans April 15, 1724, Tredyffrin, Chester Co., Pennsylvania

Enoch Walker

b: February 2, 1701, Chester Co., Pennsylvania; m: Mary Jerman April 21, 1727, Tredyffrin, Chester Co., Pennsylvania

Abel Walker

b: July 17, 1703, Chester Co., Pennsylvania; d: 1761, Frederick Co., Virginia; m: Sinah Pugh April 4, 1827, Gwynedd, Chester, Pennsylvania

Isaac Walker

b: January 7, 1705, Chester Co., Pennsylvania; m: Sarah Jerman September 11, 1730, Tredyffrin, Chester Co., Pennsylvania

Mary Walker

b: January 1, 1707, Chester Co., Pennsylvania