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Thomas Lancaster

 Generation #1

Thomas Lancaster b: December 16, 1702 Warwick, Warwickshire, England; d: Aug 20, 1750, Atlantic Ocean en route from Tortola Island.; m: Phebe Wardell August 19, 1725, Wrightstown, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania; b: 1704 ; d: August 23, 1797, Richland, Bucks Co., Pennyslvania;dau of John Wardell who was born in Wales 1672; d: December 10, 1755, Wrightstown, Bucks, Pennsylvania

Phebe Lancaster

b: June 6, 1726; d: August 28, 1728, Wrightstown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Thomas Lancaster

b: December 16, 1727, Wrightstown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; d: January 27, 1808

John Lancaster

b: November 18, 1730, Wrightstown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania ; d: November 28, 1730

Benjamin Lancaster

b: December 31, 1731, Wrightstown, Bucks CO., Pennsylvania; d: June 2, 1786, Harford, Maryland; m: Rachel Barlow 1751; b: March 3, 1728 Little Falls, Harford, Maryland; d: Little Falls, Harford Co., Maryland; dau  of Joseph and Ann (Evans) Barlow

John Lancaster

December 10, 1733, Wrightstown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; d: February 26, 1791; m: Elizabeth Barlow November 15, 1753 in Gwynedd Monthly Meeting; b: 172; d: December 11, 1796; dau  of Joseph and Ann (Evans) Barlow

Phebe Lancaster

b: October 4, 1734, Wrightstown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; d:  August 23, 1797; m: David Roberts May 1, 1754

Job Lancaster

b: August 13, 1736, Wrightstown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Joseph Lancaster

b: August 21, 1738; d: 1824,Wrightstown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Jacob Lancaster

b: March 27, 1740, Wrightstown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania ; d: July 27, 1777 Bristol,l Pennsylvania

Isaac Lancaster

b: December 4, 1742, Wrightstown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; d: December 13, 1771, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Aaron Lancaster

b: February 24, 1744, Wrightstown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania ; d: March 29, 1786

Moses Lancaster

b: October 3, 1746, Wrightstown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania ; d: June 29, 1842; m: Rachel Lloyd

Elizabeth Lancaster

b: June 26, 1748, Wrightstown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania ; d: July 26, 1806; m: Thomas McCarty

Pennsylvania, Marriage Records, 1700-1821 about Thomas Lancaster

Name:  Thomas Lancaster

Marriage Date:  19 Aug 1725

Marriage Place:  Wrightstown, Bucks, Pennsylvania

Spouse's Name:  Phebe Wardell

Genealogy of the Stokes Family : Descended From Thomas and Mary Stokes Who Settled in Burlington County, N.J. (Indexed) about Thomas Lancaster

Name:  Thomas Lancaster

Gender:  Male

Birth Place:  England

Spouse:  Phebe Wordell

Father:  James Lancaster

Mother:  Lydia

Children:  John Lancaster

John and Jane Chapman were the parents of several children: their second child, Ann, was born the 18th of the 3d. mo, 16715, and died in 1732-3. She became an esteemed minister in the Friends? Society. She began to travel in the ministry in 1706, and made several religious visits to England with approval.

Upon her return from England in May or June 1711-12, after one of such gospel journeys, she brought with her Thomas Lancaster, a youth about nine years of age, who became the ancestor of those mentioned in this volume. The writer has been unable to ascertain the names of the parents of Thomas Lancaster, although a diligent search has been made in all records, in England and the United States, that would likely contain the information desired. (See Note II.)

Of his early life in Bucks County we have no information.

On the 19th of the. 8th mo., 1725, he married Phebe Wardell, in the Wrightstown meeting of Friends, She appears to have been a resident of Wrightstown at that time. It is the first recorded marriage on the records of Buckingham and Wrightstown meeting of Friends, and their certificate shows the names of forty-two witnesses, (See Note III.)

Genealogy of the Stokes Family: Descended from Thomas and Mary Stokes who settled in Burlington County, N.J.

Ann Lancaster, born 1759, the wife of 'David Stokes, was the dau. of John Lancaster and Elizabeth Barlow, who was of Welsh ancestry. John was the son of Thomas Lancaster and Phebe Wordell. Thomas was the son of James Lancaster and Lydia, of England.

Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834

Page 252. John Lancaster of Richland Twp., yeoman. February 19, 1791.   Proved March 11, 1791.

Wife Elizabeth and son Israel exrs. Daus. Abigail and Ann.    Wits: John Engle, Phebe Walton.

From Early Friends of Upper Bucks County, XXVI, p.332:

John Lancaster, son of Thomas and Phebe (Wardell) Lancaster, born near Wrightstown, Bucks County , 12 mo. 10 1732/33, removed with his parents to Richland at the age of 8 years and spent the remainder of his life there. In the partition of his father's real estate he was allotted the "Mansion House" and fifteen acres near the center of the 400-acre plantation. He later acquired, piece by piece, the allotments of his brothers and sisters, until he owned 235 acres of the homestead prior to his death on 2 mo.26, 1791. He was, like his father and mother, an accepted minister of the Society of Friends and a diligent and earnest member of Richland Monthly Meeting. He married, at Gwynedd Monthly Meeting, 11 mo. 15, 1753, Elizabeth Barlow, a sister to Rachel, the wife of his elder brother Benjamin. She was born 1729 and died 12 mo. 11, 1796