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Thomas Babb, Jr.

Generation #3

Thomas Babb b:  Oct 9, 1697, Brandywine Hundred, New Castle, Deleware; d: Oct 1, 1760, Winchester, Frederick Co. Virginia; m: Sarah Foulk June 26, 1729, Wilmington, Delaware; b: 1708, Bethel, Frederick Co., Virginia; d: June 17, 1764 Winchester, Frederick Co., Virginia

Phillip Babb

b: August 26, 1731, Pennsylvania; d: January 19, 1813

Stephen Babb

b: 1733; d: 1760

Peter Babb

b: 1735, Winchester, Frederick Co., Virginia; d: February 21, 1817, Frederick Co., Virginia; m: Mary Bowen November 2, 1761, Frederick Co., Virginia; b: April 3, 1742, Frederick Co., Virginia; d: 1835, Frederick Co., Virginia; dau of Henry and Anna (Moon) Bowen

Joseph Edwin Babb

b: 1737; d: 1780

Thomas Babb

b: 1744; d: 1758

Elizabeth Babb

b: 1746; d: 1780

Sampson Babb

b: 1746; d: 1814

Thomas BABB was on 9 Oct. He was born in 1697 in Brandywine Hundred, New Castle, Delaware. He died on 4 Oct 1760 in Frederick County, Virginia. Not long after his marriage there was a movement of Quakers from Pennsylvania to Frederick County, Virginia. Thomas went with these Quakers and was one of the founding fathers of the Hopewell Monthly Meeting north of Winchester in Frederick County . This was in 1734.

His father had a land grant of 600 acres on Apple Pie Ridge, near Babb's Run, northwest of Winchester. Thomas settled there and was joined by his brother, Phillip. At his father's death they inherited this land.

Thomas died 11/04/1760. His will was proved 11/04/1760. He left the home place to his son, Sampson, and other bequest to his other children. His wife, not being mentioned, is believed to have already died.

The first lovely old home belonging to Thomas was called "The Great Marsh Plantation", now known as The Babb-Purcell-Janney House. It dates to 1735. Great Marsh is located on the north side of route 673 between route 522 and the Apple Pie Ridge Road in Frederick, Virginia.

The second home named "The Brick House" is a lovely old brick mansion and dates also to 1735. It is located west of the Apple Pie Ridge Road and south of route 672 on Babb's Run. This is also in Frederick, Virginia.

He was married to Sarah FOULK (daughter of ) on 26 Jun 1729 in Wilmington Delaware. Sarah FOULK was born about 1708 in Bethel Twp, Chester Penn. She died in 1764 in Frederick County, Virginia.