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Joseph B. Moon

Generation #4

Joseph B. Moon b: March 20, 1749, Randolph Co., North Carolina; d: April 14, 1832, April 14, 1832, Martinsville, Clinton Co., Ohio; son of John and Mary (Farmer) Moon; m: Ann Brewer Brown April 13, 1772, Randolph Co., North Carolina; d: August 21, 1824, Clinton Co., Ohio; dau of Daniel and Grace Craven (Thompson) Brown

Tale about Ann Moon

William K. Moon

b: January 25, 1777, Deep River, Guilford Co., North Carolina; d: June 3, 1850, Martinsville, Clinton Co., Ohio; m: Jane Hutson October 20, 1799, Deep River, Guilford Co., North Carolina; b: November 28, 1755, Knoxville, Knox Co., Tennesee; d: 1818, Clinton Co., Ohio; dau of Richard and Sarah (Lamb) Hutson

Daniel H. Moon

b: 1781; d: 1846

Joseph H. Moon

b: 1783; d: 1863

John Moon

b: 1785; d: 1855

Henry Moon

b: 1790; d: 1859

Thomas Henry Moon

b: 1798; d: 1867

Solomon Moon

b: 1803; d: 1857

Joseph and his wife Ann are buried in Martinsville, Ohio in the Quaker cemetery. Unfortulately, the stones of Joseph and Ann have been lost and are no longer in the cemetery. Joseph and his family were the first family members to arrive in Ohio and settle in the Martinsville colony. This was in 1809. Joseph is considered the patriarch of the Ohio MOONs and his progeny now extend from coast to coast and border to border.