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Thomas Babb

Generation #2

Thomas Babb b: 1664, Isles of Shoals, Appledore, Maine; d: August 13, 1748, Brandywine Hundred, New Castle, Delaware; son of Phillip and Mary (Baylie) Babb; m: Bathsheba Hussey 1693, Hampton, New Hampshire; b: Sept 21, 1671, Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire; dau of John and Rebecca ( Perkins) Hussey; m: 2)  Elizabeth Conway March 25, 1720, dau of Thomas Conway and Mary Hollingsworth

Peter Babb

b: 1695; d: 1773

Thomas Babb

b:  Oct 9, 1697, Brandywine Hundred, New Castle, Deleware; d: Oct 1, 1760, Winchester, Frederick Co. Virginia; m: Sarah Foulk  June 26, 1729, Wilmington, Delaware; b: 1708, Bethel, Frederick Co., Virginia; d: June 17, 1764 Winchester, Frederick Co., Virginia

Phillip Babb

b: 1699, Brandywine Hundred, New Castle, Deleware; d: 1762; m: Margaret Mercer February 1, 1738

Mary Babb

b: 1701

Rebecca Babb

b: 1703

Lydia Babb

b: 1705

Hulda Babb

b: 1707, Brandywine Hundred, New Castle, Deleware

Family Data Collection - Individual Records about Thomas Babb

Name:  Thomas Babb

Spouse:  Bathsheba Hussey

Parents:  Philip Babb, Mary Babb

Birth Place:  Isle Shoals, ME

Birth Date:  1664

Marriage Place:  Hampton, NH

Marriage Date:  1693

Death Place:  New Castle, DE

Death Date:  17 Aug 1748

Family Data Collection - Births about Thomas Babb

Name:  Thomas Babb  

Father:  Phillip Babb

Mother:  Mary Baylie

Birth Date:  1664

City:  Appledore

County:  York

State:  ME

Country:  USA

U.S., New England Marriages Prior to 1700 about Thomas Babb

Name:  Thomas Babb

Gender:  Male

Death Year:  1751

Marriage Place:  New England, United States

Spouse's Name:  Bathsheba Hussey

In April 1675, Thomas Babb (Sr.) was indentured to Henry Green of Hampton, NH, until he was 18 years old. His account with Mr. English runs until July 1685. While living in Hampton, [he] met and married Bathsheba Hussey, daughter of John and Rebecca Hussey of Hampton and of Delaware. In 1695, Thomas Babb also moved to Delaware [along with the Husseys], where he obtained land on Brandywine Hundred, New Castle County, DE.

The following notes are from Mike Faris, excerpted from the Jean Sargent's "Babb Families of America" :

Thomas Babb was born ca 1664, on the Isles of Shoals, which now are part of Maine and New Hampshire but at that time were under the government of Massachusetts. They lie approximately ten miles offshore.

Thomas would have been about seven years old when he was orphaned and in April 1675 he was indentured to Henry Green of Hampton, NH until the age of eighteen as "a child who was living with him".

Thomas first married Bathsheba Hussey, daughter of John and Rebecca Perkins Hussey of Hampton, NH. Bathsheba was born on September 23, 1671, and although a marriage date has not been determined it is believed to be in the early 1690's. Since the Green family with whom Thomas was living and the Husseys both lived in Hampton, Thomas most likely met Bathsheba there. Thomas and his brother William were on the tax rolls of Salem, MA in 1683 and William Babb & Co. has an account with Philip English, a merchant of that town in 1684.

John Hussey and brother, William, joined the Quakers and because of persecution in NH moved to Nantucket Island and then John and his family continued on down the coast to New Castle County, DE where there was greater religious tolerance. John Hussey was conveyed land at Christina on July 1, 1695, and another 300 acres on August 6, 1695. Both of these tracts were on the same plantation but were conveyed by two different people.

Thomas most have gone with the Hussey family or came soon afterwards as he was conveyed 120 acres in Rocklands on December 17, 1695, and eventually other sizable land holdings. In 1735, he obtained 600 acres in Frederick, County, VA and he sent his sons, Philip and Thomas, Jr. to occupy and meet the terms of the land Patent.

Bathsheba had apparently died by October, 1713, as the records of the Newark Monthly Meeting states: "Thomas Babb appearing at this meeting and gives ye meeting to understand yt ye death of his wife and for want of some persons to whom he might leave ye care of his young children hath hitherto been ye lett of his not coming more frequent to ye meetings business". Apparently, he had some problems in raising his children by himself as a couple were written up in the Quaker records for not following the rules.

On March 25, 1720, Thomas married Elizabeth Conway Booth, widow of Charles Booth, and daughter of Thomas and Mary Hollingsworth Booth.

In an election in Frederick County election in 1758, Thomas Babb, Thomas Babb, Jr., Philip Babb, Thomas Babb (son of Philip), Peter Babb and Joseph Babb all voted for George Washington for a seat in the House of Burgesses, according to the 1899 Virginia Historical Magazine.

Thomas died sometime prior to August 13, 1751, as that was the date his will was proved. The will dated August 17, 1748, left the homestead in DE to the eldest son, Peter, and the Virginia holdings to Thomas, Jr. and Philip. Other bequests were made to his daughters and the children of his daughter Hulda Gregory, who was deceased.