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Christopher Hiatt

Generation #2

Christopher Hiatt b: October 22, 1737, Buck Co, Pennsylvania; d: December 12, 1792, Guilford, Guilford Co., North Carolina; son of George and Martha  (Wakefield) Hiatt; m: Lydia Beals September 23, 1762, New Garden, Guilford Co., North Carolina; b: 1740, North Carolina; d: July 14, 1801, Chatham Co., North Carolina; dau of John and Margaret Ester (Hunt) Beals

The Battle of Gilford Courthouse in 1781

The Battle of Guildord Courthouse in 1781 was fought practically in front of the home of Christopher Hiatt, and he acted as a guide to General Greene.

Around 1900, Edna G. Bender wrote: "My mother was the daughter of Eli Hiatt, son of Jehu Hiatt, son of Christopher Hiatt, son of George . . . My Great-great Grandfather acted as a guide to General  Green and the soldiers moulded bullets at his house for the Americans. Afterwards great-great grandfather, and great grandfather, and another son were taken prisoners by the British, but soon released as they were noncombatants. The stand for attack was made on their farm for the battle of Guildford Courthouse. . ."

Effie Hiatt van Tuyl wrote: "Father also said that in 1893, he had a talk with a grandson of Christopher Hiatt, who was 82. He thinks the Hiatts came from Wales and had never heard of "van" Hiatts.  He thought Christopher was much older than his brother William who married Charity Williams.

Christopher Hiatt, Jr.

b: February 5, 1783, New Garden, Guilford Co., North Carolina; d: April 7, 1868, Martinsville, Clinton Co., Ohio; m: Jemina Hunt May 5, 1802, Mt. Pleaseant, Grayson, Virginia; b: June 22, 1784, New Garden, Guilford Co., North Carolina; d: June 15, 1868, Martinsville, Clinton Co., Ohio; dau of Abner and Mary (Pope) Hunt

Christopher HIATT was born 22 Oct. 1739 in Bucks, PA. Christopher died 12 Dec 1792 in Guilford, NC. Harmon HIATT wrote in his booklet of 1895 that Christopher was a saddle and harness maker. He lived on the old family farm in New Garden, Guilford, NC.