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1728 7mo 28d John Beals & wife granted certificate to Chester MM

Sent by Thomas Hamm. After John and Sarah were married they lived in Nottingham and New Garden townships in Chester Co. In 1728, they moved back to the neighborh ood of Chester. In all of his time, it appears that they were never able to purchase a farm of their own in Chester Co., where land was being increasingly expensive. So in 1733 John and Sarah joined a New Quaker settlement of Friends from Chester Co., who were taking up land on the upper waters of the Potomac, in Prince George Co., Maryland. Here the Bealses became members of Hopewell MM of Friends, and her they remained until John Beals died in 1745.

Sarah remained a widow only 3 years after her husband's death. In 1748 she married again, her second husband being Alexander Underwood (ca. 1688-1767) a Quaker minister of some prominence from Warrington in York Co., Penn. After their marriage, she moved to Warrington wit h him. In Jun 1761, William Hunt Jr., a Quaker minister from N.C. who had married Sarah's granddaughter Sarah Mills, visited her. He wrote in his diary that Sarah was "an ancient worthy Friend with whom I had much comfort." Sarah died at Warrington in the fall of 1761.

Notes from Margery Freas. After the death of his father, John Jr., and all of his famil y moved to the upper portion of Prince Georges Co., MD, and settled near Monocacy Creek on th e central piedmont on the extreem western frontier where he died in 1746. Monocacy was the m ost west white settlement.

Notes for SARAH BOWATER: Sarah was granted "g c t" Warrington Monthly Meeting, PA 25 April 1748. The meeting appointed Henry Ballinger and Daniel Matthews to settle the affairs between her and her children in accordance of the will of the deceased, which was satisfactorily done, "r p d' 30 Jan 1748.


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Sarah was the daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Edge) Bowater. The fact that she was daughter of Thomas (and not John) is proven by her marriage record (recorded in the New Garden MM, PA records), which explicitly calls her the daughter of Thomas. That she was not John's daughter is further confirmed by the will of John Bowater, which names his daughters, but names no daughter Sarah.

> Then the researchers that have JOHN and FRANCES CORBETT list the


>the parents of JOHN JACOB are.....THOMAS BEALS AND SARAH EDGE!!!

These supposed middle names are almost certainly inventions of careless genealogists, and do not appear in any early records that I know of. John Beals Jr. was the son of John (not John Jacob) Beals Sr. and Mary (not Mary Jane) Clayton. To my knowledge, no satisfactory evidence has ever been put forward regarding the parents of John Beals Sr., and "unknown" would be the appropriate indication for his parents, based on currently known data. (Given the total lack of supporting evidence for the name, I think that the name "Sarah Edge" which has been submitted as the mother of John Beals can be dismissed as a probable blunder.)

...BUT, John BEALS (John/Mary Clayton) & Sarah BOWATER had: John BEALS (b. 17 Feb 1716/17; d. 17 Apr 1796, 88 years old) m. Margaret HUNT, dt. William Hunt & Mary Woolman.

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Children of JOHN BEALS and SARAH BOWATER are: 9. i.   SARAH 4 BEALS, b. July 29, 1713, New Garden MM, PA; d. September 09, 1800, Deep River MM, Guilford Co., NC. 10. ii.   JOHN BEALS, b. April 17, 1717, Chester Co, Pa; d. April 17, 1796, Guilford Co, NC. 11. iii.   THOMAS BEALS, b. January 14, 1718/19; d. August 29, 1801, Ross Co., OH. 12. iv.   PHOEBE BEALS, b. 1720, Chester Co., Pa; d. August 19, 1805, Surry Co. NC. 13. v.   ANN BEALS, b. 1721, North Carolina; d. September 10, 1790, New Garden MM, Guilford Co, NC. 14. vi.   PRUDENCE BEALS, b. March 1722/23, Chester Co., Pa; d. June 25, 1815, Guilford Co, NC. 15. vii.   BOWATER BEALS, b. 1725, Chester Co., Pa; d. February 09, 1781, New Garden MM, Guilford Co, NC. 16. viii.   HANNAH BEALS, b. January 31, 1728/29.

4. WILLIAM 3 BEALS (JOHN 2, THOMAS 1 BEALES ) was born January 02, 1686/87 in Nottingham, Pennsylvania, and died January 02, 1741/42 in Frederick Co., VA. He married REBECCA CHAMBERS June 26, 1712 in Nottingham MH Concord MM, Chester Co., PA. She was born 1687, and died WFT Est. 1717-1785.      

Children of WILLIAM BEALS and REBECCA CHAMBERS are: 17. i.   MARY 4 BEALS, b. Abt. 1715. 18. ii.   LYDIA BEALS, b. June 01, 1715. 19. iii.   CALEB BEALS, b. Abt. 1721. 20. iv.   RUTH BEALS, b. 1723; d. November 14, 1789.

5. JACOB 3 BEALS (JOHN 2, THOMAS 1 BEALES ) was born July 28, 1689 in Nottingham, Chester Co, PA, and died 1763 in York Co, PA. He married (1) MARY BROOKS February 04, 1713/14. She was born WFT Est. 1676-1698, and died WFT Est. 1719-1787 in PA. He married (2) MARY BROOKSLEY June 20, 1714 in Nottingham, Chester Co., PA. She was born 1695.

Notes for JACOB BEALS: Jacob Beals remained at Nottingham [Chester/Lancaster Co., PA] until 1735, then moved to New Garden." he died "at an advanced age."

"He was married at Nottingham Monthly Meeting in Chester Co. [PA]" "Jacob Beals was named overseer for E. Nottingham 1731 -- 4 mo. Jacob Beals of Nottingham, Lancaster Co. Jacob Beals was supervisor of the Highways, Huntington Township 1759, 1762; Tax collector 1771. He was appointed Elder for Huntington Meeting, 1761." He received a land grant in Lancaster CO., PA on 29 Feb 1741. (Chester Co., formed in 1682; Lancaster erected in 1729 from Chester, York from Lancaster 1749; Adams from York 1800)

Jacob Beals, 3rd son of John I and Mary (Clayton) Beals, was born Jul 28, 1689 Chester Co., PA, died in York Co. at an advanced age. He married April 20, 1714 Nottingham MM Chester Co to Mary Brooksley, born 1695 Chester Co., died Nov 3, 1763, aged 68 years York Co., dau of Dr John Brooksley. Jacob Beals remained at Nottingham until 1735, then moved to New Garden.

From Nottingham Minutes:

Jacob Beals was named overseer for E Nottingham 1731 - 4mo. Jacob Beals of Nottingham, County Lancaster. Jacob Beals moved to New Garden 1735, 7mo.

Jacob Beals was supervisor of the Highways, Huntington Twp 1752 and 1753; overseer of the poor, Huntington Twp 1759, 1762; Tax collector 1771.

Jacob Beals, Sr was appointed Elder for Huntington Meeting, 1761.

Jacob Beals received a land grant by warrant under the lesser seal of the Land Office bearing date at Philadelphia 29 day of the second month which wa in the year 1741...surveyed and laid out by a line of marked tres...296 acres, which was then in Lancaster Co., PA. (Chester Co was formed 1682 (Original County); Lancaster erected 1729 from Chester; York from Lancaster 1749; Adams from York 1800.)

Warrington was Monthly Meeting for Newberry, Huntington, Menallen and York

Ruth Jenkins file. Data received 23 May 1980.


Jacob born July 28, 1689, married Mary Brooksby, daughter of John Brooksby, April 20, 1714, Nottingham Meeting House, Chester Co., PA. They were the parents of (i) John born July 11, 1715; (ii) Jacob, born July 18, 1717, married September 17, 1743 in Leacock Meeting House, Chester Co., PA t Elizabeth Grist (Griest); (iii) Mary born September 15, 1719; (iv) William born September 16, 1721, married October 1, 1748 at Newberry Meeting House, York Co., PA to Mary, widow of Edward Mullineaux.

FGS of Jacob Beals and Mary Brooksby***

Jacob Beals, s/o John Beals Sr and Mary Clayton, b 28 Jul 1689; m 20 Apr

1714 Nottingham MH, Chester Co., PA

Mary Brooksby, d/o John Brooksby and Rachel.


John b 11 Jul 1715; m 1 Jul 1740 (by priest) Elizabeth Thornburgh

Jacob b 18 Jul 1717; m 17 Sep 1743 Leacock MH, Chester Co., PA Elizabeth Grist/Griest.

Mary b 15 Sep 1719

William b 16 Sep 1721 Lanchester; m 1 Oct 1748 Newberry MH, York Co., PA Mary Mullineaux, widow of Edward Mullineaux.

Notes for MARY BROOKSLEY: Died at age 68.


Children of JACOB BEALS and MARY BROOKSLEY are:   i.   DANIEL 4 BEALS. 21. ii.   JOHN BEALS, b. July 11, 1715, Chester Co., Pa. 22. iii.   JACOB BEALS, b. July 18, 1717, Chester, PA.   iv.   MARY BEALS, b. September 15, 1719. 23. v.   WILLIAM BEALS, b. September 16, 1721, Chester Co., Pa; d. November 27, 1800, Chester Co., PA. 24. vi.   CALEB BEALS, b. 1723, Chester Co., Pa; d. August 06, 1804, Adams Co., PA Burial Latimore Township, Adams, PA. 25. vii.   RACHEL BEALS, b. Aft. 1726; d. 1813.

3. JOHN 3 BEALS (JOHN 2, THOMAS 1 BEALES ) was born January 28, 1684/85 in Aston Twp, Chester Co. PA, and died 1745 in Cold Springs, Near Winchester, Frederick Co. VA. He married SARAH BOWATER August 14, 1711 in Chester MM, Chester CO, PA. She was born January 17, 1688/89 in Prince George CO, MD, and died December 26, 1777 in Wellsville, York Co., PA.

Notes for JOHN BEALS: 1. Birth recorded at new Garden MM, Chester Co., PA

2. After 1711 marriage lived at Nottingham where he brought his wife.

3. Removed from Chester Co., PA to Hopewell MM, VA by 1744

4. 9 Mar 1744 bought 165 acres on Mills Creek from John Mills Jr. located in what is now Berkeley Co, WV.

5. Died after 1744 probably at Opechan, Frederick Co., VA or 1745 Prince Georges Co., MD now Berkeley Co. WV

After the death of his father in 1726, John Beals II moved with his family to the upper portion of Prince Georges Co., Maryland, and settled near a large creek by the name of Monocacy, on the extreme western frontier, where he died in 1746.

Quaker Records Chester MM, PA

1711 7m 24d John Bailes Jr & Sarah Bowater, daughter of Thomas, announced marriage intentions

1711 8m 29d John Bailes Jr & Sarah Bowater announced marriage intentions 2nd time

1711 8m 29d John Bailes Jr received on certificate from Concord & Chiceste MM to marry Sarah Bowater

1711 9m 26d John Bailes Jr & Sarah Bowater reported married

1712 3mo 26d Sarah Beals granted certificate to Concord MM, wife of John

1728 8mo 28d John Beals, wife Sarah & children received on certificate from New Garden MM

1733 4mo 25d John Beals and wife Sarah & daughter Sarah Miller [sic] granted certificate to Nottingham MM New Garden MM, PA

1711 9m 14d Jon Baels, son of John of Chester Co., PA married at Chester Meeting House to Sarah Bowater, daughter of Thomas of Chester Co, PA ch: Sarah 5m 29d 1713

John b 2mo 17d 1717

Thomas b 1mo 14d 1719/20