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James Moon

Generation # 1

James Moon b: August 23, 1639, Bristol, Avon, England; d: July 1713, Falls Township, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania; son of William Edward and Catherine Anne (Synge) Moon; m: Joan Jane Burgess 1667; b: 1649, Bristol, Avon, England; d: October 2, 1739, Fallsington, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania

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James Moon

 b: 1699, Bristol, Avon, England; d: April 6, 1755, Falls Township, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania; son of James and Joan Jane (Burgess) Moon; m: Agnes Priestly, September 3, 1714, Falls Township, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania; b: 1688, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania; d: October 1730

This log house in Fallsington, PA is one of the oldest structures still standing in Fallsington and was occupied by Samuel Moon, a carpenter, in the early 1700s. His grandparents, James Moone and Joan Burges, settled in Fallsington when they came from Bristol, England in 1682.

Fallsington, Pennsylvania historical tibits

This is the old Quaker Cemetery in Fallsington, where James Moone and Joan Burges and their son James Moon Jr. and his wife are buried. No tombstones exist from that time. James Moone and his family emigrated from Bristol, England in 1689 and purchased land in Fallsington on which to establish a residence. Descendants of the family still occupy that property today.

This is a page from the personal Bible of Joan Moon. She and her husband, James Moone, and their children emigrated from Bristol, England in 1689.

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James Moon

Well at the log house in Fallsington, PA

Corner hearth in one of the rooms

One of the two main hearths in the house