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William  Crumly

Generation #4

Ohio County Family and Histories, 1780-1970

Clinton County, Union Township, Page 565

Henry Babb came to Ohio in 1806, from Frederick County, VA., and settle about one and a half miles north of the court house in Wilmington. His wife's father, Mordecai Walker, early in the year 1805, purchased 1,000 acres of land of Thomas Posey, the owner of the survey on which Wilmington was laid out, and divided the same into four equal parts, and gave each of his four children, two sons and two daughters, one of these parts, Elizabeth Babb, wife of Henry Babb, recieving her portion in the northeast corner of the 1,000 acre purchase, including the land on which Mr. Babb had settled. At the first election of county officers, Henry Babb was elected County Commissioner, in which officer he served two years. He was the father of five sons and four daughters. The sons were Peter, Thomas, Henry, Azel and Sampson; the daughters Mary, who married Thomas Babb; Rebecca, who married William Crumly; Rachel, who married John Walters; Hannah, who married Joseph Smith; Lydia married a Smith and Betsey a Wall.

William Crumly b: Aug 2, 1798, Frederick Co., Virginia; d:  Aug 5, 1865, Wilmington, Clinton Co., Ohio; son of Aaron Mercer and Jane Crumly; m ) Rebecca Babb  b: Nov 3, 1800, Frederick Co., Virginia; d: Jun 1875 Wilmington, Clinton Co., Ohio; dau of Henry Mercer and Elizabeth Babb

Henry Babb Crumly

b: Nov 3 1825, Union, Clinton Co., Ohio; d: July 8, 1903, Wilmington, , Clinton, Ohio; m) Mary Hannah Doan b: Oct 4, 1824, Union Township, Clinton, Ohio; d: Mar 18, 1909, Wilmington, Clinton, Ohio; dau of Jesse and Lydia Doan

Elizabeth Jane Crumly

 b: February 10, 1829, Union, Clinton, Co., Ohio;  d: March 8, 1860, Wilmington, Clinton Co., Ohio; m: John Westley Brindle March 30, 1858, Wilmington, Clinton Co., Ohio; b: 1835; d: 1915

Lucinda Ann Crumly

b: April 18, 1831, Union, Clinton Co., Ohio; d: December 31, 1858, Wilmington, Clinton Co., Ohio

Clarissa Matilda Crumly

b:  Feb 26, 1833, Union, Clinton Co., Ohio; d: March 27, 1904, Wilmington, Clinton Co., Ohio; m: Charles A Crane 1867; b: January 26, 1843, New Jersey; d: 1930

Azel Edward Crumly

b: December 14, 1837; Union, Clinton Co., Ohio; d: February 3, 1911, Wilmington, Clinton Co., Ohio; m: Rebecca S. ? 1886; b: July 19, 1849, Virginia; d: 1909, Wilmington, Clinton Co., Ohio

Hannah Crumly

b: November 12, 1839, Union, Clinton Co., Ohio; d: January 25, 1906, Pleasanton, Linn Co., Kansas; m: Isiah Whinery September 8, 1863, Wilmington, Clinton Co., Ohio; b: July 8, 1832, Salem, Columbiana Co., Ohio; d: November 7, 1919, Pleasanton, Linn Co., Kansas