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Jesse Lancaster

Generation #3

Jesse Lancaster b: March 1, 1751, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania; d: November 26, 1833, Little Falls, Harford Co., Maryland; son of Benjamin and Rachel (Barlow) Lancaster; m: 1) Constance Malsby  about 1772, Harford Co, Maryland; d: before 1776;  m: 2) Mary Parsons  August 21, 1776, Harford Co;, Maryland;  b: 1755; d: 1786; dau of John and Rebecca Parsons;  m: 3) Elizabeth Dyer October 1, 1795; b: July 1763; d: Sept 1851, Little Falls, Harford Co., Maryland; dau of Joseph and Joanna (Higgins) Dyer

Benjamin Lancaster

Lost at sea

Phebe Lancaster

died young

Isaiah Lancaster

b: May 27, 1780, Harford, Maryland; m: Nancy Ann Blufford October 15, 1801, Baltimore, Maryland; b: about 1786

Rachel Lancaster

b: May 27, 1790; d: March 28, 1886; m: Levi Benson Sept 16, 1819, Little Falls, Harford Co., Maryland; b: February 9, 1783, Maryland

Joanna Lancaster

b: about 1796; died at age 7

Joseph Lancaster

b: September 10, 1798

Mary Lancaster

b: July 31, 1800; d: 1881

Esther Lancaster

b: May 2, 1802l m: Israel Atkinson April 21, 1829, Harford Co., Maryland

John Lancaster

b: June 28, 1804; d: July 29, 1887, Fallston, Harford Co., Maryland; m: Mary Ann Lancaster July 1, 1846, Maryland; b: July 10 , 1808, Harford Co., Maryland; d: December 22, 1884, Chester Col., Pennsylvania; dau of Isaiah and Nancy Ann(Blufford) Lancaster

Julia Lancaster

b: February 14, 1807, d: about 1824

Hannah Lancaster

b: March 22,  1810; d: 1878


26 AUG 1772, Jesse Lancaster, s/o Benjamin and Rachel, disowned for marrying outside of Society of Friends. 23 SEP 1772


26 MAY 1773, Jesse Lancaster offered a paper condemning his outgoing in marriage, he was again received into membership, as was his wife, Constance Malsby-Lancaster.

31 AUG 1776, Jesse Lancaster, s/o Benjamin and Rachel, disowned for marrying outside of Society of Friends.

26 MAR 1785, Jesse Lancaster was again received into membership.

26 AUG 1786, Mary Parsons-Lancaster, w/o Jesse was received into membership.

Gunpowder Friends Monthly Meeting,

Dated; 31st of the 8th mo. 1776

Jessie Lancaster married Mary, daughter of John and Rebecca Parsons, for which he was again disowned by the Friends at a Monthly Meeting held at Gunpowder.

Gunpowder Monthly Meeting,

Dated; 26th of 3rd mo. 1785.

Jesse Lancaster was again received into membership, and Mary Parsons-Lancaster was received into membership 8th mo. 26, 1786.


In the minutes of Gunpowder Monthly Meeting of Friends, under date of 29th of 8th month, 1795, we find: "Jesse Lancaster and Elizabeth Dyer appeared at this meeting and declared their intention of marriage with each other, David Harry and Moses Lukens are appointed to enquire into the man's clearness of others. consent of parents being had."

At a meeting held 9th mo. 26, 1795: "one of the friends appointed to enquire into Jesse Lancaster's clearness of marriage engagement with others, reports nothing to hinder further proceedings in marriage, the appearing and continue their intention with each other, are left at left at liberty to accomplish the same according to good order, Moses Lukens and David Lee are appointed to see it is so accomplished."

At a meeting held 31st of 10th month, 1795: "One of the Friends appointed to attend the marriage of Jesse Lancaster and Elizabeth Dyer, report it was orderly accomplished."

Jesse Lancaster

Birth:  Mar. 1, 1751

Bucks County

Pennsylvania, USA

Death:  Nov. 26, 1833


Family links:


  Rachel Barlow Lancaster (1728 - 1813)



in his 83rd yr



Friends Cemetery


Harford County

Maryland, USA

JESSE LANCASTER:   From records of Little Falls Monthly Meeting, pub. in Quaker Records of Northern Maryland:

Jesse Lancaster, b. 1st day of 3rd month, 1751; his wife Elizabeth Lancaster, b. 29th day of 7th month, 1768, his dau. Rachel Lancaster, b. 27th day of 5th month, 1790; their son Joseph Lancaster b. 10th day of 9th month, 1798; their dau. Esther Lancaster, b. 2nd day of 5th month, 1802; their son John Lancaster, b. 28th day of 6th month, 1804; their dau. Julia Lancaster, b. 14th day of 2nd month, 1807; their dau. Hannah Lancaster, b. 22nd day of 3rd Month, 1810.

Census of 1790, Harford Co Maryland:   Jesse Lancaster - 2 M 16 & over; 3 M. under 16; 3 females

Jesse Lancaster is listed as "objector" in the militia roles of Maryland , the "Gunpowder Upper 100" 1776, listed by Capt. Samuel Caldwell. v.25 no.6, summer 1984 - Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin

ELIZABETH DYER:  Citation from Maryland Marriages 1778-1800, p.131.    Birthdate may be July rather than September. EJ 2005