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John Moon

Generation # 3

John Moon b: August 4, 1717, Randolph Co.,Ohio; d: 1795; Coleridge Randolph Co., North Carolina; son of James and Agner (Priestly) Moon; m: Mary Farmer 1735, Randolph Co., North Carolina; b: October 27, 1723, Randolph Co., North Carolina; d: 1795 Randolph Co., North Carolina

Thomas Moon

b: October 25, 1742, Randolph Co., North Carolina

James Moon

b: October 2, 1745, Randolph Co., North Carolina

Elizabeth Moon

March 23, 1748, Randolph Co., North Carolina

Joseph B. Moon

b: March 20, 1749, Randolph Co., North Carolina; d: April 14, 1832, April 14, 1832, Martinsville, Clinton Co., Ohio; m: Ann Brewer Brown April 13, 1772, Randolph Co., North Carolina; d: August 21, 1824, Clinton Co., Ohio; dau of Daniel and Grace Craven (Thompson) Brown

Jemmy Moon

b: November 4, 1752, Randolph Co., North Carolina

John Moon

b: November 4, 1755,Randolph CO., North Carolina, d: 1795, Randolph Co., North Carolina

Johnney Moon

b: may 26, 1759, Randolph Co., North Carolina

Rachel Moon

b: January 25, 1761, Randolph Co., North Carolina


Milton Moon, Silver Spring, MD, wrote this sketch.  Excerpted.

It is well established that the John Moon who married Mary Farmer about 1739 was the father of Joseph Moon who was the progenitor of the Moons of Clinton County OH.  It was from this Joseph Moon that my family was descendant.  It is also now generally agreed that this particular John Moon was the son of James Moon Jr. and Agnes Priestly.  

John Moon, the son of James Moon Jr. and Agnes Priestly was born in Bucks County PA on September 4, 1717.  His birth is recorded in the records of the Falls MM.  Little is known of his childhood or youth, but it appears that he left PA for VA and/or NC as a young man.  There is evidence of a transfer of membership for a John Moon to Hopewell (Oppechon) MM, VA, in 1741, but it is not possible to identify it as relating to John Moon of this sketch, nor does the date correlate well with the date at which the person involved left the PA area. (Membership transfers were often requested after the fact).

It is believed that John Moon married Mary farmer in VA, about 1739 and that shortly thereafter they settled in Randolph County, NC. Her parents have not been positively identified and further research is needed on this question.

After settling in Randolph County NC, John and Mary raised a family of eight children. The children were:

Thomas Moon   b. 10/25/1742  m. Leucrecher (?) on 12/16/1769

James Moon   b. 10/05/1745  no further information

Elizabeth Moon   b. 03/23/1748  no further information

Joseph Moon   b. 03/20/1750  m. Ann Brown on 4/13/1770

Jemmy Moon   b. 10/04/1752  no further information

John Moon   b. 11/04/1755  m. Sary (? Sarah Bradley) on 8/22/1780

Johnney Moon   b. 05/26/1759  no further information

Rachel Moon   b. 01/25/1761  m. Marmaduke Bookout abt. 1780

John Moon apparently died in Randolph County NC in 1792, as administration papers for his estate were granted to his son Joseph in December 1792.  He is believed to be buried in a Moon Family cemetery near Coleridge, Randolph County NC. It is also believed that his wife is buried there as well.  

The later movements of this family are of great importance in trying to trace the migration and genealogy of the Moons. It appears that the Bookouts resided until their deaths in Randolph County NC.  John, the son, is believed to have gone to Georgia where he became progenitor of many of the Moons of the south.  Joseph, as we know, migrated first to Lost Creek MM in TN, and later moved to Martinsville, OH with all his children and their families.