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#1 John Chedsey, Deacon

Born: 1621 England

Died:  Dec 31, 1688, New Haven, Connecticut

father: unknown

mother: unknown

Married: Elizabeth ?


#2 Mary Chidsey b: September 22, 1650, New Haven, Conn; d: October 09, 1650, New Haven, Conn    

#3 John Chidsey b: October 21, 1651, New Haven, Conn; d: February 13, 1692/93, East Haven, Conn; Probate Record   

#4 Sarah Chidsey b: October 12, 1653, New Haven, Conn; d: Aft. 1713; m: Samuel Alling October 26, 1683, New Haven, Conn, b: November 04, 1645, New Haven, Conn; d: August 08, 1709, New Haven, Conn; son of Roger and Mary (Nash) Alling

#5 Joseph Chidsey b: December 05, 1655, New Haven, Conn; d: 1712, New Haven, Conn;   m: Sarah Hull about 1694/95, New Haven, Conn, b: March 04, 1673/74; d: 1741; dau of Jeremiah and Hannah (Baldwin) Hull   

#6 Daniel Chidsey b: July 30, 1657, New Haven, Conn; d: June 04, 1667, New Haven, Conn

 #7 Mary Chidsey b: November 24, 1659, New Haven, Conn; d: February 20, 1713, New Haven, New Haven, Conn; m: William Wilmont October 20, 1692, New Haven, Conn, b: October 17, 1665; d: January 25, 1713; son of William and Sarah (Thomas) Wilmont; one son was born 24 July 1693, died 29 Aug 1693

 #8 Caleb Chidsey b: November 20, 1661, New Haven, Conn; d: February 20, 1711/12, East Haven, Conn; m: #1) Anna Thompson May 10, 1688, New Haven, Conn, ; d: January 15, 1690/91, New Haven, Conn; dau of John and Ann (Vicars) Thompson; m: #2) Hannah   Dickerman July 06, 1693, New Haven, Conn,b: November 06, 1665, New Haven, Conn; d: December 25, 1708, New Haven, Conn; dau of Abraham and Mary (Cooper) Dickerman  

#9 Hannah Chidsey b: January 09, 1662/63, New Haven, Conn; d: December 11, 1693, New Haven, Conn; m: Caleb Mix Abt.  1684, New Haven, Conn, b: Abt. 1661, New Haven, Conn; d: August 12, 1708, New Haven, Conn; son of Thomas and Rebecca (Turner) Mix

#10 Ebenezer Chidsey b: February 10, 1664/65, New Haven, Conn; d: September 26,  1726, East Haven, Conn; m: Pricilla Thompson about 1685/86, b: August 07, 1671, New Haven, Conn d: January 01, 1725/26, East Haven, Conn; dau of John and Pricilla  (Powell) Thompson

#11 Elizabeth Chidsey b: December 16, 1668, New Haven, Conn; d: July 16, 1688, New Haven, Conn



Notes on Deacon John Chedsey: Elizabeth ? d: November 22, 1688, New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut    

 Probate Record   

 John Chedsey was a tanner of leather and shoemaker and was very active in the New Haven Church and community.    

1644: Colony Constitution was enlarged and revised and 11 more names were added, John Chedsey's name was added to the Constitution  March 7,1647 in the hand of Francis Newman.  

1642: A bridge was built over Stony River.   

1662: John Potter obtained a piece of land which to set his blacksmith shop, he was a next door neighbor of John Chedsey.    

1681: Deacon John Chedsey, a tanner of leather and shoemaker, settled on the north side of the green on a 3 acre square lot between John Potter and John Austin. Afterwards 10 acres were granted him by the village on the west side of the fresh meadows which ever since have been known as Chedsey Field and Chedsey Hill. ( East Haven Register)    

1683: In March John Chedsey proposed to the village to have a 3rd division of land us equal to 10 heads and 100 estate which he doth  apprend to be 60 acres, etc. A 3rd division of land, 20 acres for cash 100 lbs in the list and 4 acres to each child and 20 acres to each family, John Chedsey drew,  but his estate is not listed so amount of land was not.     

 Deacon John and his sons Caleb and Ebenezer were active in town politics when they moved to to East Haven (Stony River, the village),  but Joseph was not mentioned in East Haven affairs, nor was the eldest son of Deacon John, John. Evendently Joseph and John did not remove to Stony River when their  father did.     

 Deacon John's tombstone was removed from the original site to the wall of the cemetery. It is a slab of brownstone which could be  read in 1967, but is fading as the stone is soft.

 M. John Chedsey Deacon who dyed in 67 years of his age December 31, 1688 Grove Cemetery, New Haven, Connecticut

M. Elizabeth, wife of John Chedsey

dyed November 22, 1688      

Grove Cemetery, New Haven,Connecticut