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Signed, sealed and delivered.

Joseph Chedsey

 In the presence of

Caleb Chedsey

 Samuel Munson

Ebenezer Chedsey

 John Morris

Samuel Alling on the

behalf of my wife Sarah

Caleb Mix on the

behalf of my wife Hannah

Mary Chedsey

Probate record for Deacon John Chedsey taken from the New Haven, Connecticut Records,

Vol. 2, Page 1.

Where as our honored father John Chedsey senior late of New Haven, deceased, died without a full distribution of his estate in his lifetime, or by will before his death: and our loving brother, John Chedsey, eldest son of the deceased, having taken upon himself the administration of said estate by the allowances and appointment of the honored judges and justices authorized there unto. Know all whom it may concern that we the children of said deceased having said considered among ourselves about the distribution of the estate indisposed of by our said honored father in a loving and peaceable way we knowing best what each of us have received of our said father's estate in his lifetime. After some pains and labor therein have come to a loving agreement and issue to our good satisfaction in reference to the distribution of the said estate according to inventory exhibited; and do hereby clearly and absolutely give a discharge unto our eldest brother John Chedsey, his heirs, executers, administrators or assigns from all , or any further claims or demand to any part of said estate by us, or any of us, our heirs, executers, administrators, etc. and from all or any other person or persons what so ever by our means cause, or procurement, and do hereby signify the same before the honored judges and justices requesting their allowances and approbations of the same. In testimony here of we the children of the said deceased have here unto set our hands and seals this fifth day of March Anno Domini one thousand six hundred eighty and eight and nine 1688/9

All the subscribers appeared at New Haven this 5th day of March 1688/89 and acknowledged the above written discharge to be from each of hands before me, James Bishop, Justice.

 attest Samuel Eells Clerk

Samuel Munson and John Morris, witnesses to the above discharge personally appeared in court this 5th day of March 1688/89 and testified that they saw the above written agreement signed, sealed and delivered as above expressed.

This above is a true record of the original within probate as recorded by me, James Bishop Clerk

of the New Haven Court.