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HOME SWEET HOME, a drama-concert
ove, duty, honor, and the music of the Civil War

Charles Farruggia, singer and actor Kathryn Farruggia, pianist

Home Sweet Homeis a dramatic and heart-rending journey through music and drama that explores the mysteries of the heart during the tragic years of the Civil War. Charles, actor and baritone, will perform roles of both Union and Confederate soldiers, depicting the heart-break, the longing for home, and the anguish over theglorious cause.He will sing songs of the Civil War, including “Tenting on the Old Camp Ground,” “Shenandoah,andHome Sweet Home.Kathryn will depict, with her piano, the loved ones left behind. She will perform virtuoso piano works by Gottschalk that were composed during the Civil War, as well as works by Schumann, Liszt, and others. This is a show for everyone of all ages!