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I am tracing the descendents of Deacon John Chedsey(Chidsey/Chitsey)

John Chedsey came from England, leaving by ship from Bristol in late 1638 and arriving in New Haven in 1639. There is no record of John's name on any ship records so it is possible that he came with a group or family. It is thought he could have come from Chedzoy, a small village in Somersetshire, England. There are old church records that mention the "Chedsey" name from that time period.  

I can be contacted at Lylamae T.Chedsey    

If you have any additions or corrections to my information, please feel free to contact me. If any links in the index of names leads to the wrong page, let me know. I have found a few that had the hyperlinks messed up.

This is a work in progress so new data will be added as I find or receive it. The probate records were transcribed as close to original spellings as I could. I do not have every word or name spelled correctly as the old style writing is very hard to read. I have included them so as to provide a window into  the lives of our ancestors.