From  Uncle Chuck in letter written 27 Mar 1982:

I  ran into a station manager in the NY Central Station in Buffalo, NY in 1945  when I missed my train & had to exchange my ticket for one on the NY  Central. His name was Turner; he seemed to have lots of time and apparently had  made quite a study of the family tree. I couldn’t in good grace escape so here  is briefly his story:           

Turners  of Scotch Irish English descent originally came to Nova Scotia about the late  1600’s. Succeeding generations moved about & according to his chart the  generation preceding Levi W. Turner came to NY State. He had Levi W. and Lucius  A. on the chart so there appeared to be a connection.

I  was more interested in getting back to my ship, so escaped as soon as possible  & did not take notes.

letter from  Charles Turner