Index of names found in this history

A to Bishop, Abigail      Benjamin, Edgar to Burwell, Bathshu    Calking, Abigail to Chidsey, Charles Henry     Chidsey, Charlotte to Chidsey, Jane Maria      Chidsey, Jennifer Lynn to Chidsey, Robert MacDonald  

Chidsey, Robert Snow to Collins, William Henry     Collins, Zerujah to Dudley Maria     Dudley, Marietta to Grannis, Elizabeth     Grannis, Betsey to How, Elizabeth      How, John to Lee, William   

Lee, William To Nooney, John      Norton, Alice L to ? Quinn       Stege, Bradley Cord to Tucker, ?      Turner, Frederick to Zauss, Christian  

Census information, 1790,  1840, 1920 index of family names and where they lived at the time.

Maps of Land records:  1868-1908

Probate records for some of the early members:

 Deacon John Chedsey  #3 John Chidsey    #5 Joseph Chidsey    #8 Caleb Chidsey    #10 Ebenezer Chidsey     #20 Daniel Chidsey   #22 Abraham Chidsey    # 27 John Chidsey     #32 Isaac Chidsey   #58 Samuel Chidsey     #141 Luther Chidsey

New Haven Probate Index

Volume 1      Volume 2     Volume 3      Volume 4    Volume 5

East Haven, Connecticut Register - Death Records  by REV. STEPHEN DODD.

Compiled by Lylamae Chedsey

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List of unknowns: Names I have not been able to place in the family tree

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