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           The East Haven (CT) Death Register           

by REV. STEPHEN DODD. These notes were contributed

              by Lylamae T. Chedsey


In 1736 many died of a throat ailment and in 1742 and 1743 there were many deaths from fever and dysentery. The winter of 1761 was one that saw a great mortality among the older family members of the town, many with a disease said to have been a very malignant pleurisy. Among those stricken, very few survived and many died within a few hours after being stricken. The deaths recorded 1773 and later were many time the date of burial rather than date of death. Stephen Dodd corrected some of these, when he could. The deaths reported in towns other than East Haven were in an appendix at the end of the East Haven data, listed by town in the records.

I decided to go ahead and copy the complete record as there are so many on the descendants of Deacon John Chedsey living and marrying into families in East Haven, I have been putting together a history of all his descendants and finding information on the daughters' lines is a lot harder to find. I am glad to share my information and will soon have a cd with Donald Lines Jacobus's book " Ancient New Haven Families" and "Genealogies of Connecticut Families" that I can do lookups for others needing information in the New Haven area. I also have the book "Early Families of Guilford, Conn" by Alvan Talcott to do lookups in.

Mary Abbot, Apr 6,1783 at 70

Abigail Alcock, wife of Thomas Alcock May 3,1741 at 58

Martha Alcock, Apr 24,1728 at 21

Mary Alcock, wife of Thomas Alcock May 23,1714

Thomas Alcock, Apr 2,1757 at 80

Infant of Thomas Allen, May 4,1775 at 2 days

Thomas Allen, child of Thomas Allen May 6,1773 at 2

Thomas Allen, Dec,1786 at 40, nervous fever

Ame Andrews, wife of Jedadiah Danrews,jun., and infant in childbed Jan 6,1777 at 18

Anna Andrews, widow to Timothy Andrews Dec 7,1798 at 80

Elizabeth Andrews, widow of Jedediah Andrews Sept 29,1784 at 60, tertian ague

Jared Andrews, child of Elisha Andrews Nov 19,1773 at 3, dysentery

Jedediah Andrews, 3rd. Jan 14,1784 at 76, day ague

Jedediah Andrews, Oct 2, 1799 at 48, consumption

Lydia Andrews, child of Elisha Andrews June 9,1800 at 24

Nathan Andrews, Nov 12,1776 at 32 died prisoner in NY

Nathan Andrews, Dec 1798 at 19, fall from a mast

Sarah Andrews, Feb 16,1815 at 35, consumption

Timothy Andrews, child of Elisha Andrews May 9,1775 at 2, cholera

Timothy Andrews, July 25,1793 at 77, palsy

Wm. Andrews, a purchaser of Southend March 4,1676

Child of Jekiel Arnold, Feb 3,1785 at 2 months

John Asbile, 1690

Abraham Auger, child of Philemon Auger Oct 30,1801 at 4, dysentery

Daniel Auger, Feb 18,1803 at 88, fever

Elizabeth Auger, wife of Daniel Auger Sept 27,1786 at 65, pleurisy

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