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*dwelling house L 30, and old barn 10/, 19 acres of Land 22


*13 acres land east of the highway  (?)40/

£ 26-00-00

*3 pr sheets 19/6, 2 ½ pr pillow cases, 1 napkin, 2 table cloths

£ 01-09-09

*2 towels 2 blankets 9 shirts 2 coats 2 vests 1 pr breeches

£ 00-19-03

*1 petticoat 1/6, 2 pr stockings 1/, 1 clock, 1 pr shoes, 1 hat

£ 00-05-05

*1 bed 22/, 2 pillows 5/, 1 coverlid 8/, 2 old ditto 2/

£ 01-17-00

*1 tea kettle 1/6, old pewter 3/6, canister 6/, Tongs & peal 4/, old chair 1/

£ 00-12-06

*2 chests 2/6, old trunk 2/, 1 cow 20/ 1 wheel 3/

£ 04-06-00



James Chidsey, Executor Sworn in Court

Test Mr. Wm Whiting, Clerk

# 32 Isaac Chidsey

Vol. 16, page 150  

Will recorded 21 July 1793                  

In the name of God, Amen. I, Isaac Chidsey of East Haven in the town and County of New Haven in the Colony of Connecticut in New England, though weak in Body yet of sound mind & memory, do account it my duty to set my house in order before I die & to make this my last Will & Testament in manner and form following-- Viz, after my furneral expenses and just debts are truely paid by my son James Chidsey out of the portion of my estate which I shall hereof after give him. Imprimus, I give & bequest unto my well beloved wife Mary Chidsey the use of the improvement of one third part of all my real estate during the term of her natural life, she taking her thirds out of that part which I give to my son James Chidsey; I also give her the use and improvements of all my moveable estate so long as she bears my name. Item. To my loving son Ebenezer Chidsey his heirs & asigns forever; I give and bequeath all my lands on the east side of the highway being in quantity about thirteen acres as likewise all my blacksmith tools he allowing his brother James Chidsey to do his own blacksmithing work with them, Item. To my loving son James Chidsey his heirs & asigns forever, I give and bequeath all my lands on the west side of the highway where I now live with the  dwelling house and the barn there on standing, he not disturbing his mother in her improvement of her thirds therein as foresaid which last mentioned lands are in quantity, about nineteen acres.  Item. To my living daughter Sarah Field wife of Ezra Field I give & bequeath all my moveable estate when my wife's estate there in shall be ended. That is to  say at my wife's death, my will further is that if either of my three children shall die before me what I have shall be given to such child shall be and remain to the children of such child equally--- lastly I hereby nominate constitute & appoint my son James Chidsey sole executor of this my last Will & Testament ratifying & confirming this and this only to be my last Will & Testament. I hereby unto set my hand & seal in East Haven this 22 day of Feb 1786.

Signed, Sealed, Published & declared by said Isaac Chidsey ( signed by Isaac Chidsey ) as and for his last Will & Testament in the presence of Nicholas Street, Isaac Chidsey, Samuel Thompson

Isaac Chidsey's Will

Vol. 16, page 151

At a Court of Probate hels at New Haven on the 21 say of Oct 1793, Personally appeared the Rev. NIcholas Street & Mr. Isaac Chidsey two of  the witnesses of the foregoing will & made oath that they saw Isaac Chidsey the Testor sign & seal the same & heard him publish & declare it to be his last Will &  Testament and that he was of sound mind & memory when he so did, according to their best judgment & that they with Samuel Thompson the other witness all subscribers   the same as witnesses. In the presence of the testor & each other.       

Sworn in Court   test Wm. J. Whiting  Clerk

An inventory of the real & personal estate of the Aged Mr. Isaac Chidsey of East Haven, dec.made 20th Oct 1793-