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#22  Abraham Chidsey

Vol. 9, page 428

Bathsheba Chidsey Ex. of the last Will & Testament of Abraham Chidsey of New Haven, dec. exhibited said instrument in the Court to the Witnesses to which being sworn before Win. Hoadly Justice of Peace the same is accepted as form in Court & approved for record Said Ex. accepts said trust.

In the Name of God, Amen: I Abraham Chidsey of East Haven of the town and County of New Haven & Colony of Connecticut  in New England being of sound mind & memory, yet confirming my frailty & the uncertainly of my time, do take this opportunity to set my house  in order before I die. And to make this my last Will & Testament, where in I give & recommend my soul to God that gave it: and my body to the  grave until resurrection to be decently buried. And my worldly estate I give bequeath & divide in the form & manner following. Viz * To the  Church of Christ in East Haven six pounds old tenor * To my beloved wife Bathsheba the ______ & improvements of all my estate both real & personal so long as she remains my widow; except only what I shall give to my children in this will. * To my Daughter Mabel Woodward half the land I bought of Brother Allen Ball also a good warming pan. * To my Daughter Hannah Chidsey one half of said land I bought of Brother Ball also as much estate in value & as household things as I have already give to my daughter Mabel Woodward. *To my Daughter Desire Chidsey as  much moveable estate in value, as I have given to any one of my foresaid daughters *To my three sons Abraham, Daniel, & Joseph after my wife's death all my Estate both real & personal to be equally divided amongst them except my best saddle and my best suit of clothes which I give to my son Abraham Chidsey above his share. * To my servant Dick provided he prove good & faithful for the space ofsixteen years from this present date both to me & to my heirs, then he shall be a free man to work for himself, but yet then after this freedom if he takes to bad company and  is likely to be a charge, it shall be in the power of my heirs to take him again or sell him to any person that will buy him. And I appoint my aforementioned wife to be my Ex. to receive all my credits & pay all my debts & to see that this my last Will be duly executed in conformation where of I have here unto set my hand & seal this fourteen Day of March AD 1747/1748

Signed sealed & published in Presence of us                          Abraham Chidsey  

Jacob Heminway

Sarah Heminway

Thomas Robinson

Abigail Grainger

I addition to my Will written on the other side of this paper because my daughter Mary Chidsey was not born when I made it I do now declare this to be my Will, that my aforesaid Daughter Mary Chidsey should have equal share with my other Daughters: And the rest of my Will before written saved as it was. In Witness of whereof I have here unto set my hand & seal this twelfth Day of January AD 1760

signed, sealed & published in the presence of us                     Abraham Chidsey     

Sarah Hemingway

Abigail Everton

Jacob Hemingway   

Vol. 9, page 477

Stephen Thompson is appointed guardian to Joseph Chidsey a minor son of Abraham Chidsey late of New Haven deceased, on bond £ 100. Administration on the Estate of Abraham Chidsey late of New Haven dec. is granted Testements anneaco/ to Abraham Hemingway of said New Haven and with surety £ 200. The Executor nominated in said Will, being dead and the Executor of said Executor of said Executor also deseased and the only two heirs of said deceased delivering the same


Vol. 9, page 554  

Samuel Thompson of New Haven is allowed guardian to Joseph Chidsey a minor son of Mr. Abraham Chidsey, late of New Haven, dec. on Bond £ 200.0.0