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“A musical group that sounds traditional and modern at the same time . . . each member of the group brings different predominating strengths.  The violinist brought fire, the cellist a fine phrase-making, the pianist a zesty sense of ensemble guts, and the drummer gave everything just the right spice. It’s a musical feast all right - music with a real attitude, real spunk and fire . . . The wowed audience gave them the one standing ovation of the evening.”  



Review of the Celtic Festival in Palisade, Colorado, September 2005



“From   the   very   first   number   the  crowd   was  FEAST ’s  captive. The performance  was  witty with moments of roaring laughter. An extraordinary evening. . .”

                  SNOB MAGAZINE, February 2006  


“Three standing ovations? That’s right - three times the Grand Junction audience at the Canyon View Vineyard  Church stood up and let the musical group FEAST know that they thought their July 27 performance was top-notch.....gusto and energy and fine technical prowess...creative blasts-off into musical fun and fantasy.........They describe their music as Celtic fusion. The violinist has a sweet sound on the violin, and gave us some good traditional fiddling as well. As I have reviewed the Mientkas many times, there’s not much I can add, in the way of my opinion of their musical genius and creativity. While I actually hate the term “world class”, it truly conveys the fine level of their musicality. The signature aspect of all the Mientka arrangements is a respect for - a creativity with - the abilities and uniqueness of each instrument involved in the blend. The game plan? Wall-to-wall sound and energy, in the fast music, and fine detail and feeling in the slow numbers.  The great flexibility of this group is that they can be fast and frenetic as well as quiet, simple and tender in their expression.”

Music Review by Judith Musafia, July 2007

Ms. Musafia has reviewed and written for the San Luis Obispo Tribune, Long Beach Independent, Christian

Science Monitor and the Delta County Independent



   “...By the time they got to a  dramatic and witty percussion extravaganza composed by David Alderdice himself, coiffures were getting wild, as FEAST pulled out all the stops... We had plenty of opportunities to see and hear how this group FEAST can be either down-home or dramatic, eclectic but tasteful, spontaneous but focused, passionate but technically clean and transparent, always expressive... The only disappointment in the whole thing was that it ended.



 What people are saying about F E A S T....

FEAST was certainly the most enthusiastically received group in the history of our event!

Bill McCormick, Director, Silverplume Irish-Scottish Music Festival


Once again, the broadcast of this show proved a huge hit!

Ron Jordan, DJ for Cumulus Broadcasting, Grand Junction

The concert was fantastic. I don’t go out much, but when a group this fabulous comes to town I don’t want to miss them… The theater was packed. Feast is a popular chamber music quartet with an electronic twist. They dazzled us, took us on a world journey and a wild ride, seduced us with samba, performed Enescu and Freddy Mercury with flawless technical finesse and unbridled delight. The audience both laughed and sat rapt, leapt to their feet more than once for a standing ovation. Their music defies description, other than to say it moves people to leap out of their seats when it’s over and beg for more. It moves people. It makes us laugh and catch our breath. This group has ties to our town and plays there a couple of times a year. Their reputation is growing around the west, and locally it was a sold out standing room only show…

Rita Clagett

What a fantastic FEAST concert tonight!!  It was awesome!!!! Our young friend and his mother really enjoyed it! Thanks for a wonderful evening.  

Bill & Sandy Nesbitt


My name is Kathy Leary.  My husband, Rich and I were fortunate enough to attend both your performances at Arrowhead this year. I’m sure the ecstatic reception you received showed you how amazing we found your performance last evening.  I just thought you might enjoy hearing from one of the individuals from your audience. Speaking as a former performer (albeit many moons ago) I respect and admire your expertise, showmanship and enthusiasm. There are not enough superlatives in my vocabulary to express my appreciation for your many talents and I am not alone in this.  Many fellow audience members I spoke with were equally as overwhelmed. We may not be the largest audience you ever play for but I doubt you’ll find a more appreciative one. I am singing your praises to everyone within earshot and hope that some day you’ll achieve the even greater recognition you all so richly deserve.

Kathy Leary

 I just wanted to let you know that I was blown away by the latest FEAST concert.  The four of you have melded incredibly wonderful and diverse talents into a unique, fresh approach to traditional melodies.  I loved every minute and hope that you will have a CD of that concert available soon. Thanks for an amazing evening.

Sandy Meyer


FEAST just keeps getting better and better.  I especially loved the World Rhapsody - the Japanese licks and the rainstorm and all.  But the entire progression through the piece, the way it was arranged, the variety, the journey through musical styles was quite brilliant.  It may have been long, but I could easily have taken another half hour of it.

Mike Wiley

My husband and I attended your wonderful concert yesterday in Montrose and were thrilled to have been part of the audience. Your performances, the quality and variety of music you presented, the stage presence of Feast, all were world class. We hope to see more of you this year and in the years to come.

 Sue Elkins


Went to the Celtic performance the other night and it was the best performance I've attended in the 5 years I have lived here.........the energy, vitality and collaboration of everyone. It  was fun, uplifting and beautiful. I loved the dancers and I so love how you bring amazing talent from all over the world to our little place in the Rockies. I just don't know how you do it as we're a small community.  I thought as I left the performance if everyone just focused on what they were passionate about it certainly would be a beautiful world.  Thank you for your commitment and dedication to  what you love and  filling us with the joy that your music brings.

In sincere gratitude,

(Ms.) Stanlee Smith

Stanlee Smith, Director

Pathways To Well-being

Through The Way of The Horse