Kathryn Mientka Farruggia

“The way she took her place on the piano stool, the impression she gave in her red evening dress was rather delicate. Yet on the keyboard of the piano Kathryn Mientka Farruggia unfolded an abundance of energy that could make some male colleagues envious….Ardent pathos in the Grand Tango contrasted with expressionistic outbreaks of passion. She adorned “It ain’t necessarily so” with blue-note-coquetry, had a diversely shaded palette of sound available for the Indian-influenced Dvorak. Enchanted, the public lay at the feet of the “Southern Beauty” as she enthusiastically performed the patriotic suite “The Union”, nd some asked themselves secretly, who besides her could play the Ballad of the Yankees so richly full of meaning.”


Hamburger Abendblatt